Lista de trofeos: You Don't Know Jack

25 11 3 1

We Knew You Could Do It
Collect all trophies

Birth Certificate
Create a Contestant

It's Just More of This
Finish an episode

Beast Master
Get 10 animal questions correct.

Film In Your Brain
Get 10 movie questions correct.

Get 10 food questions correct.

Living in the Past
Get 10 history questions correct.

Achieve the third highest rating

Earn $100,000 lifetime

DisOrDat Participation Award
Complete DisOrDat in 30 seconds.

DisOrDat Destroyer
Answer all 7 DisOrDat items correctly

Button Banger
Get a multiple choice question right in the first 2 seconds

Smelt the Roses
Get a multiple choice question right in the last 1 second.

Play 4-player game online

My First Time
Screw someone for the first time

Screw 50 times

The Game's Half Full
Play Episodes 1-36

The Game's Half Empty
Play Episodes 1-37

Slack Attack
Get -$1 million on a Jack Attack.

Lose to a Loser
Lose an online game to someone with a rating at or below Dullard.

Always a Bridesmaid
Come in second place 5 times in online games

Social Outcast
Finish 5 single player games on Friday or Saturday nights.

Play on July 4th instead of celebrating America

Quick-Draw McDumbass
Choose the wrong answer within the first 3 seconds 10 times.

Listen to all commercials after one episode

Discovered Gauntlet of Fire
Find the very important gauntlet of fire

Vidiot Savant
Get every question right in an episode

One Teat Short of An Udder
Achieve the second highest rating.

Earn $500,000 lifetime

Ace a DisOrDat in under 10 seconds

Jack Attack Dog
Get all 7 Jack Attack questions correct in a multiplayer game without messing up

Taking it from Behind
Come in from behind to win during the Jack Attack

Back Taxes
Win all prizes in Episodes 1-73

Virtual Virgin
Answer correctly after being screwed 5 times

Beat a Winner
Beat someone with a rating of Unicorn in an online game

Consolation Trophy
Play 5 hours without getting a single trophy.

Genius for a Day
Score at least $30,000 above your average.

Achieve the highest gamer rating.

Earn $1,000,000 lifetime points

Perfect Attendance
Play Episodes 1-73

Great Crowd
Laugh at an easy joke.

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