Earn all other trophies.

Lucky Clip
Eliminate an entire enemy team using a single pistol clip in a non-reinsertion game.

Unlock and then purchase all of the equipment in the game.

Mr. Popular
Play games with teammates from 50 real teams.

Paintball Legend
Complete all of the Speedball, Woodsball, and Recball events.

Greatest Paintballer in the World
Complete all of the Speedball, Woodsball, and Recball events on Hard difficulty.

Successfully cheat five times in a row in the same round.

Paint Monger
Shoot 10,000 paintballs.

Win a round without losing a teammate in a 5-on-5 or bigger match-up.

Lone Wolf
Win a 7-on-7 or higher non-reinsertion game where you eliminate all opponents.

Eliminate three or more opponents with a single grenade.

Pump Assassin
Using a pump-gun, eliminate three or more opponents in a round without missing.

Eliminate three opponents by shooting them in the goggles in a single round.

Speedball Champion
Complete all of the Speedball events.

Master Woodsman
Complete all of the Woodsball events.

Jack of All Trades
Complete all of the Recball events.

E'Ventual Evaporation
Eliminate three opponents in a single round with a completely fogged mask.

Tactical Overkill
Hit the opposing flag carrier with a rocket.

Successfully cheat once.

Bottom Feeder
Win a round entirely from the prone position.

Get three or more eliminations in a single round with a 25% hit percentage or higher.

Win a split-screen round without either player being eliminated.

One Hit Wonder
Win a round with 3 or more eliminations using a marker without having to reload in a 5-on-5 or larger match.

Dive or slide 100 times.

Go Ballistic
Eliminate an opponent you can't see by arcing your paintballs.

Shoot an opponent in the back from their own side of the field.

Cross Training
Win a Speedball and a Woodsball tournament.

Team Captain
Win a round after issuing field commands to at least three teammates.

Win an event while using the jersey, pants and marker from the same manufacturer.

Foam Cowboy
Win a round while wearing the 'Rodeo King' mask.