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Tema: Lista de trofeos: F.E.A.R. 3 (ingles)

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    Lista de trofeos: F.E.A.R. 3 (ingles)

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    Master of F.E.A.R.
    Received all other trophies.

    Finish the Campaign on any difficulty (all intervals complete).

    Man Mode
    Finish the Campaign on INSANE difficulty.

    You've got the Touch!
    Attain Rank 21.

    God Among Men
    Kill 250 total enemies during Slo-Mo.

    Almost Halfway
    Attain Rank 10.

    Doll Collector
    Find the Alma Doll on every mission.

    Spiritually Attuned
    Make 100 Psychic Links (Share or Steal).

    Insider Trading
    Possess every type of possessable enemy.

    Score Manager
    Complete 30 challenges in one interval.

    Complete every challenge at least once.

    Supreme Challenger
    Complete 500 total challenges between all categories.

    That's a lot of Zeros
    Attain a total of 250,000 points through challenges.

    Earl of Pain
    Kill 1,000 enemies by any method in any game mode.

    Art Collector
    Pin 100 total enemies with The Penetrator or Leaper knives.

    No can defense!
    Kill 100 enemies with the Jump Kick or Slide Kick.

    State-of-the-Art. Bang, Bang!
    Kill 10 enemies in a row with Sniper Rifle headshots.

    Footy Foul
    Kill 2 enemies with 1 Slide Kick during Slo-Mo.

    Head Crab Removal
    20 kills with a crowbar.

    Little Brother's Helper
    As Pointman, kill 100 enemies suspended by Fettel.

    Big Brother's Helper
    As Fettel, suspend 100 enemies that Pointman kills.

    I'm not a Doctor, I'm a Medic!
    Perform 50 revives in any game mode.

    We'll Try Again Tomorrow!
    Survive 3 waves in Contractions in a row without anyone bringing back a crate.

    I F.E.A.R. Nothing!
    Finish a wave of Contractions on INSANE without anyone going into Last Stand.

    Dead Blind
    Spend an entire round of Contractions in deep fog without going into Last Stand.

    Hanging 20
    Complete wave 20 in Contractions.

    Handle with Care
    Return 30 creates in one game of Contractions.

    Possess 20 different enemies in one round of Soul King.

    Win all 5 rounds of a 5-round Soul King match.

    Soul Gatherer
    Attain a total of 6,000 souls in one round of Soul King.

    Soul Hoarder
    Attain a total of 25,000 souls across all rounds of a Soul King match.

    Win 20 rounds of Soul King.

    A Precursor
    In the Poker Room of Prison, kill all 3 enemies with headshots before Slo-Mo ends.

    Complete any campaign level on INSANE without reloading checkpoints or going into Last Stand.

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    hola,la verdad es que me hace falta alguien para conseguir el trofeos d las 20 oleadas ya que en online si pillas a alguien van a su bola y no llegas muy lejos,tambien para sacarme el de fetel de sostener a 100 y que pointman los mate ya que si no es online no hay manera de hacerlo ya que con 2 mandos no te dejan elejir personaje y no te salta el trofeo solo de de pointman.
    mi id:gatshu28
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