LISTA DE TROFEOS: Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

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NOTA: Este juego no dispone de una lista en español

Obtain all of the trophies

Astrid's Ending
Watch Astrid's ending

Rich Ending
Watch the Rich ending

Pie Master's Ending
Watch the Pie Master's ending

Adventurer's Ending
Watch the Adventurer's ending

Monster Encyclopedia Complete
Completely fill up the Monster Encyclopedia

Hom Level 50 Achieved
Achieve level 50 with Hom

Town Reputation 100
Achieve a rating of 100% in town reputation

Everybody's Friendship 100
Achieve a rating of 100 in friendship with all friends and shop keepers

Battle Arena Champion
Win during the Battle Arena competition

Kingdom's Commission 1
Complete the first Kingdom's Commission

Kingdom's Commission 2
Complete the second Kingdom's Commission

Kingdom's Commission 3
Complete the third Kingdom's Commission

Kingdom's Commission 4
Complete the fourth Kingdom's Commission

Kingdom's Commission 5
Complete the fifth Kingdom's Commission

Kingdom's Commission 6
Complete the sixth Kingdom's Commission

Kingdom's Commission 7
Complete the seventh Kingdom's Commission

Kingdom's Commission 8
Complete the eighth Kingdom's Commission

Kingdom's Commission 9
Complete the ninth Kingdom's Commission

Kingdom's Commission 10
Complete the tenth Kingdom's Commission

Kingdom's Commission 11
Complete the eleventh Kingdom's Commission

Kingdom's Commissions Cleared
Complete the last Kingdom's Commission

Rorona's Atelier
Watch the event where Rorona is put in change of Atelier

Puppet Show's Curtain Raising
Watch the event where Lionela first appears

The Bard Of The Forest
Watch the event where Tantoris first appears

Phatom Of The Stuff Bear
Watch the event where Pamela first appears

Watch the event where peace is made with Cuderia

Wound Of Honour
Watch the event where Sterkenburg is injured

Very Busy Resturant
Watch the event where you help out at Yksel's resturant

Girl And Puppets
Watch the event where Alana and Holoholo are cured

Instrumental Duo
Watch the event where you play music together with Tantoris

Sliced Down The Middle
Watch the event where Gio deals with a monster

Hom And A Kitten
Watch the event with Hom and a cat

Which Drunken Tiffina?
Watch the event where you get involved with a drunken Tiffina

All together, To The Lake
Watch the event where everyone goes to the lake

True Ending
Watch the true ending

Cuderia's Ending
Watch Cuderia's ending

Gio's Ending
Watch Gio's ending

Good Ending
Watch the good ending

Sterkenburg's Ending
Watch Sterkenburg's ending

Yksel's Ending
Watch Yksel's ending

Normal Ending
Watch the normal ending

Lionela's Ending
Watch Lionela's ending

Tantoris's Ending
Watch Tantoris's ending

Bad Ending
Watch the bad ending

Game Over
Watch the game over event

Item Encyclopedia Complete
Completely fill up the Item Encyclopedia

Adventure Level 50 Achieved
Achieve adveture level 50

Alchemy Level 50 Achieved
Achieve alchemy level 50

Cabbage Festival Champion
Win during the Cabbage Festival

Dragon Killer
Defeat the Dragon

Demon Hunter
Defeat the Demon

Defeat the Iron Golem