Ver la versión completa : Mi PS3 no me da la opcion de iniciar juego

23/02/2013, 02:47
En casa de mis padres tengo una PS3 Fat de 60 gigas, esta normalmente la utilizan mis hermanos y yo solo cuando voy de visita. Este play tiene cerca de 4 años de uso, pues pasa que este viernes, inserto el disco, inicio sesion para sincronizar trofeos después de eso cuando me dispongo a jugar me topo con la sorpresa de que no esta la opción para jugar, solo me aparecen los iconos correspondientes para iniciar los juegos descargados, pero no para jugar a traves de disco, mi hermano me dice que esto pasa desde ayer y que no notó nada raro antes de que esto empezó a suceder.

Alguien ha tenido este problema? Creen que se trate del lector de discos?

espero puedan ayudarme a encontrar cual es el problema

23/02/2013, 03:41
Parece que el lector dijo adiós.

23/02/2013, 04:17
No sabría la respuesta a tu problema. Espero que lo soluciones cuanto antes.

24/02/2013, 15:17
Pues acabo de descubrir que mi PS3 no tiene problemas para leer peliculas, solo es con los juegos con los que no me aparece la opcion para reproducirlos

24/02/2013, 19:01
No es un problema se disco. Te dejo un post de uno que le pasó lo mismo:

Sorry for the major delay, family holiday times = busiest time of the year. But I actually came across this fix shortly after my experiment and will enlighten the situation entirely.
For those who are having similar troubles much like myself that the reader works fine for most other discs except game discs. It is confirmed to be a corrupted data in the PS3's firmware.
Go onto the official sony website and download the latest PS3 update into a flash drive. Be sure to have the appropiate size or bigger for the update and follow their instructions to the letter.
To resolve this issue, you will need to boot into safe mode; format the harddrive. Then, after you start the PS3 first time setup. Follow as normal until you get to the XMB menus. (Do not do anything else. ) Once there, restart the PS3 back into safe mode; then apply the firmware update thru USB Flash drive.
This will force the PS3 to reapply the update without fail. Once the update is done, you may have to set up the PS3 again. After that, once you're back to the XMB. I recommend turning off the ssytem via controller, by holding the home button for the option. Then wait about 60 seconds, turn it back on so it can boot up like normal. Then, have a couple of game discs ready. I recommend turning off auto disc start. In any case, pop in the game of choice to see if it reads and works. You MAY get the error again but do not give up. Simply remove the game and put another.
In my experience, Final Fantasy XIII did not start. however, Gran Turismo 5 did. Then Need for Speed Shift. Then I replaced Final Fantasy XIII and it can read normally.
This is an annoying tedius method but it's what we IT folk must go thru with every system we ever get our grubby lil hands on. This is what I like to call, the thorough confirmation step. Where we test everything one by one first before we go into personal settings. I hope this experience of mines helps others stuck in the same shoes I was in.

Espero que sea tu caso y tengas suerte.