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26/01/2013, 15:24
LISTA DE TROFEOS: Atelier Meruru The Apprentice of Arland (JP)

:bronce: 24 :plata: 5 :oro: 6 :platino: 1

:platino:All Trophies Earned
Obtain all trophies.

:bronce::oculto:One Normal Day
Let Keina help you change at the workshop.

:bronce::oculto:Stars Never Change
Gaze at a starry night sky with Keina and reminisce about the past.

:bronce::oculto:Brothers Together
Witness Lias bask in the glow of Rufus's approval.

:bronce::oculto:Atelier Totori (Current)
Hear the stories of Miss Totori and her friends.

:bronce::oculto:Pie Shop Opens
Construct a Pie Shop and visit with Rorona.

:bronce::oculto:Look into the Past
Glimpse Gio lost in thought at the fort.

:bronce::oculto:Certain Sisters
Take a peek at Filly and Esty's intimate sisterhood.

Find Rufus and Sterk getting along at the tavern.

:bronce::oculto:End of the Duel
Encounter a master-pupil showdown between Sterk and Gino.

:bronce::oculto:Friendship, Love
Help Totori and Mimi get along.

:bronce::oculto:Drunkard Legend EX
Suffer the indignity of a drunk's advances at the tavern.

:bronce::oculto:Rorona Introduction
Watch as a legendary alchemist and her troupe visit the workshop.

:bronce::oculto:Masked Man Reappears
Run into Arland's manly masked crusader.

:bronce::oculto:Secret Tea Party
Stumble upon Rufus's solitary tea time.

:bronce::oculto:Waterside Encounter
Discover Hanna as she bathes.

:bronce::oculto:How Do I Look...?
Force Keina to wear some princessly clothes.

:bronce::oculto:Girl's Bath
Visit the hot spring with a group of all girls.

:bronce::oculto:Admission Ceremony
Reach the initial goal and help Arls merge with Arland.

:bronce::oculto:Ominous Box
Battle the coffin-bound monster in the mine and emerge victorious.

:bronce::oculto:One from the Sky
Ascend to the ancient city and cast down the ruler of the sky.

:bronce::oculto:God of the Forest
Put the energetic spirit of the tree into an eternal slumber.

:bronce::oculto:Presence of the Flame
Subdue the Volcano Incarnate.

:bronce::oculto:Changing the Past
Bring closure to the tragedy of Arls.

:bronce::oculto:Closer to God
Stare into the abyss and win out against the evil goddess.

:plata::oculto:Castle Life
Return to your boring life in the castle.

:plata::oculto:A Rich Nation
Make Arls rich, developing it into an agricultural powerhouse.

:plata::oculto:Now, Go Bravely
Arm Arls to the teeth and take command of it all.

:plata::oculto:Finally, As Planned
Make friends with the forever-14 Rorolina Frixell.

:plata::oculto:Boy's Bath
Transform Arls into a grand vacation paradise.

Take Arls's population to the limit and turn it into a superpower.

:oro::oculto:Strongest Princess
Become a hero and the land's strongest princess.

:oro::oculto:Witch's Tea Party
Master alchemy and together become feared as the Four Witches.

:oro::oculto:Miss Popular
Gain popularity with everyone.

Become an alchemist of Arland and open Atelier Meruru.

:oro::oculto:Meruru Statue Complete!
Construct a statue of Meruru to mark your achievements.