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26/01/2013, 15:01
LISTA DE TROFEOS: Arcana Heart 3 (JP)

:bronce: 42 :plata: 5 :oro: 3 :platino: 1

:platino::oculto:Threads of Fate Bind Us Together
Conquered the beast that is Arcana Heart 3

:bronce:Storybook Ending
Finished Story Mode.

:plata:Storybook Ending X-TREME
Finished Story Mode on the highest difficulty.

:plata:I've Seen Everything
Watched all of the endings in Story Mode.

:bronce:Operation Nihon-Go
Watched the bad ending in Story Mode.

:oro:The Alchemist of Life
Defeated Parace L'Sia in Score Attack Mode.

:bronce:No Train No Gain
Practiced for 15 minutes straight in Training Mode.

:bronce:Good Morning, Angels
Fought and defeated all the characters in Network Mode.

:bronce:Arcana, Assemble!
Fought and defeated all the Arcana in Network Mode.

:bronce:Plays Well With Others
Played your first Player Match.

:bronce:Rank and File
Played your first Ranked Match.

:plata:I Was Just Looking!
Unlocked all of the illustrations in Gallery Mode.

:plata:It's Moving...
Unlocked all of the link animations in Gallery Mode.

Used all of the characters.

:bronce:Mycana, Not Ourcana
Used all of the Arcana.

:bronce:Critically Acclaimed
Won using Critical Heart.

:bronce:Of Critical Importance
Won using an Extended Critical Heart.

:bronce:With Our Powers Combined!
Won using Arcana Blaze.

:bronce:Un-Natural Female Enhancement
Won while the Extend Force was disabled.

:oro:You Only Have Eyes for Me!
Raised the RP Level of one character to 10.

:oro:Enough Love to Go Around
Raised the RP Level of all characters to 3.

:bronce:That's the Pooooower of Love
Cleared Story Mode using Heart and the Arcana of Love.

:bronce:Flawless Victory
Complete the move [Garbh Dagda (EF)] without pressing any unnecessary buttons.

:bronce:That's "'S' Words", Mr. Connery
Used the moves [Kagesuki], [Kodama], [Seizan], and [Sazarashi] in one round.

:bronce:I'm Stuffed
Caused over 20 stuffed animals to appear during [Kawarimi no Jutsu].

:bronce:I Need Support!
Landed [Hama No Shishiku] and [Taima No Zuikaku] during a combo.

:bronce:A Learning Computer
As Mei-Fang, defeated an opponent without taking any damage.

:bronce:On The Streets and So Forth
Ran the longest possible line off of a successful [Wall Step].

:bronce:Twisted Sister
Completed [Geschick the Blood Linchpin] over 4 times while the doll is inactive.

Completed all the follow-ups to [The Talisman of Antiquity] in a single match.

:bronce:Form of...Me Kicking Your Ass!
Used more than five 360 motion special moves and won with a 360 motion special move.

:bronce::oculto:Yukkuri Shiteitte Ne
While the Water Arcana [Regnum] is active, land a [Last Armageddon Drop].

Used moves with the word "Sacred" in them more than 100 times as Fiona.

:bronce:Obtuse Angel
Got a clean hit with [Sacred Slayer (EF)].

:bronce:Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?
Used more than 1000 Ether Stocks.

:bronce:No, I Expect You To Die
Got all clean hits with Edinorog during [Razdelenie of the End (EF)].

:bronce:I Don't Have Anything Elsa Left
Got all of Elsa's weapons to show up during a single match.

:bronce:You Complete Me
Absorbed life using [Il Rapimento].

:bronce:Any Color, So Long As It's Black
Used [The Hero, Minigawa, Launch!] more than three times during a single match.

:bronce:What a Card
Used all of Dorothy's card hands during a match.

:bronce:Gone in 75 Seconds
Landed the ultimate version of [Take All My Sadness Away!].

:bronce::oculto:You're Not Supposed to DO It!
Got attacked immediately after the [Come Catch Me Please!] teleport.

Used the ultimate version of [Shunkoku].

:bronce:Signed, Sealed, and Delivered
Successfully input the follow-up attack to [Fuuju - Narukami].

Completely drained the Spiritual Gauge more than 3 times in a single match.

:bronce:Mark III Sword Summoner
Executed a 100+ hit combo without using the help of an Arcana.

:bronce:Draw, Partner!
Saw all versions of [I'll Draw...] in a single match.

:bronce:Raise the Draw-Bridge!
Performed [Cinderella!] when the numbers on the clock are lined up.

:bronce:Mark III Chain Master
Got a counter-hit using [Restriction Unleashed - War Chain Wolkenkratzer (EF)].

Used Baldur to defeat Ragnarok.

:plata:Sympathy for the Devil
Completed a 666-hit combo.