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26/01/2013, 14:00
LISTA DE TROFEOS: Agarest: Generations of War Zero

:bronce: 24 :plata: 17 :oro: 2 :platino: 1

:platino::oculto:Platinum Trophy
You've acquired all the trophies.

:bronce:First in our Hearts
Cleared Generation 1.

:bronce:Second to None
Cleared Generation 2.

:oro::oculto:Truth and Consequences
Saw the true ending.

:plata::oculto:The Important Bits, at Least
Cleared the digest route.

:bronce:Fleet of Foot
Raise your AGI over 50!

:bronce:Stout of Heart
Raise your VIT over 50!

:bronce:Strong of Body
Raise your STR over 50!

:bronce:Sound of Mind
Raise your INT over 50!

:bronce:Stroke of Luck
Raise your LUK over 50!

:bronce:It's a Trap!
Captured a monster.

Converted an item.

:bronce:It Happens to a Lot of Guys
Nope, he did it again.

:bronce:It's the Only Way to be Sure
Defeated an opponent with an Overkill.

:plata:Better Safe Than Sorry
Overkilled 500 enemies.

:bronce:It's My Specialty
Successfully executed a Special Art.

:bronce::oculto:Time and Again
Successfully executed a distinctive Special Art.

Combined monsters.

:plata::oculto:The Combine
Combine monsters 100 times.

Created a marionette.

:bronce:Stay Classy, Kraltarla
Change your class. This takes a special item...

:bronce::oculto:He Chose...Poorly
Changed Ellis's appearance.

:plata::oculto:Son of a Beach
You have visited the beach.

:plata::oculto:Hot Springs Eternal
You have visited the hot springs.

:plata::oculto:I Know
You reached the end of a generation with at least one woman completely in love with you.

:bronce:Til You Drop
Went shopping 500 times.

:bronce:Certified Pre-Owned
Sold 1000 items.

:plata::oculto:Don't Get Cocky!
You've defeated the monstrous Decimal.

:plata::oculto:They Mostly Come Out at Night
Defeated the four types of hidden monsters.

:plata:Fight in the Shade
Defeated 10,000 enemies.

:plata:Love is a Battlefield
Engaged in 2,500 battles.

:plata:Real Soviet Damage
Dealt 10,000,000 points of damage.

:plata:You're Already Dead!
Try and get a hit count of 650.

:bronce:Spoils of War
Earned 25,000,000 G.

:bronce:Enhance! Enhance!
Earned 25,000,000 EP.

:bronce:Point Technician
Earned 10,000 TP.

:plata:You're En Good Hance
Enhanced items over 5,000 times.

Got your first title!

You have more than 100 titles.

You have all the titles. Good work!

:plata::oculto:We Meet at Last
Encountered the worst enemy.

:plata::oculto:Dungeon Master
Cleared all the hidden dungeons.

Unlocked all profiles.

:plata:David Attenborough
Completed the monster picture book.