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19/01/2013, 14:58
LISTA DE TROFEOS: New Paint Park (Vita)

:bronce: 7 :plata: 3 :oro: 1

:bronce:Rookie of New Paint Park!
Played New Paint Park for the first time

:bronce:Photo master!
Took a photo with camera

:bronce:Love for stickers!
Pasted a sticker

:bronce:First touch on Photos!
Opened Photos

:bronce:Participation matters!
Participated an Ad-hoc contest.

:bronce:Artists know how to mix!
Mixed colors on pallet

:bronce:Beauty of starting over!
Pressed undo

:plata:Potentially a genious…!
Drew a picture for the first time

:plata:Curiosity for colors!
Selected coloring mode

:plata:Dots to lines!
Selected connecting dots mode

:oro:First victory!
Won an Ad-hoc contest.

07/06/2013, 23:45
solo decir ke sta gratis en la store , tiene trofeos y se saca el 100 % en diez minutos escasos . aunke tiene 2 trofeos d ad hoc se sacan solo con 1 vita ya ke puedes jugar solo, ala a descargarlo todo el mundo jaja