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23/11/2012, 23:03
LISTA DE TROFEOS: StarDrone Extreme

:bronce: 13 :plata: 1 :oro: 1

Got awarded with at least one medal on every level.

:bronce:First blood!
Destroyed an enemy Creeper for the first time.

:bronce:Vibemaster destroyer
Destroyed the Vibemaster boss.

:bronce:Rocket Kill!
Destroyed any enemy with a rocket.

:bronce:Turret destroyer
Destroyed a G-noid's turret.

:bronce:Raging drone!
Wiped out 10 enemies in Comet Rush mode.

:bronce:Passed 10 levels!
Passed 10 levels!

:bronce:Passed 20 levels!
Passed 20 levels!

:bronce:Passed 30 levels!
Passed 30 levels!

:bronce:Passed 40 levels!
Passed 40 levels!

:plata:Game Finished!
Passed all game levels!

:bronce::oculto:Lost in space..
Lost in space 3 times...

:bronce::oculto:I got the powah!
Used every power-up: Berserk, Magnet and Invisibility.

:bronce::oculto:Epic fail!
Failed to complete a level in 20 attempts.

:bronce:New Hope
Let's rock!