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31/10/2012, 22:30
LISTA DE TROFEOS: Foosball 2012 (vita)

:bronce: 7 :plata: 4 :oro: 1

:bronce:Bon Voyage
Win a World Tour match.

:bronce:Let's play
Win an online match.

:bronce:Around the world in 20 matches
Defeat every standard World Tour opponent.

Defeat an "Advanced" or higher A.I. without being scored on (10 balls or more).

:bronce:Jack of all trades
Use all types of trick shots in a single match.

:bronce:Booby prize
Score an own goal.

:plata:One Man Team
Score a goal using your goalkeeper.

:bronce:From zero to hero
Go from score 0:9 to win 10:9 in a 10 goal match against Advanced A.I. or higher.

:plata:Your Excellency
Defeat every standard World Tour opponent with at least "Excellent" rating.

:plata:Master Blaster
Defeat all Master opponents in World Tour.

:oro:Mr Perfect
Defeat every standard World Tour opponent with "Perfect" rating.

Defeat a Master opponent with "Perfect" rating in World Tour.