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28/10/2012, 11:40
LISTA DE TROFEOS: Apples to Apples™

:bronce: 7 :plata: 4 :oro: 1

Unlock all the Apple Avatars.

:plata:Rotten to the Core
Be targeted by the "Rotten Apple" card 10 times.

:oro:An Apple a Day
Reach the Orchard Rank in Online Multiplayer by Playing 500 Games.

:plata:Falling Far from the Tree
Play the "Every Apple for Himself" card 5 times.

:bronce:Apple of My Eye
Win your first online game.

:bronce:Sour Apple
Play a Golden Apple Card for the first time.

:bronce:Mad Apple
Lose 3 online games in a row.

:bronce:All Your Apples Are Belong to Us
Play the "Apple Tart" card 10 times.

:bronce:No Apple for You
Play the "Yes, We Have No Apples" card 10 times.

:bronce:Apple Seeds
Complete the tutorial in Single Player.

Be the second player to play the "Upset the Apple Cart" card in a single round.

:bronce:Social Addict
Enable Social Integration for posting trophies.