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24/10/2012, 16:15
LISTA DE TROFEOS: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend

:bronce: 38 :plata: 10 :oro: 2 :platino: 1

Mastered BlazBlue Continuum Shift - Extend.

:bronce:That Will Suffice
Finished the [Tutorial] mode.

:bronce:Time to Hit the Arcades
Finished [Arcade] mode.

Defeated the secret boss in [Arcade] mode.

:plata:The Beginning of the End
Finished [Score Attack] mode.

:bronce:Mars Needs Winnin'
Attempted [Unlimited Mars] mode over 10 times.

Have been blown up by the chibi-kakas in [Unlimited Mars] mode.

:bronce:Eye of the Tiger
Trained for more than 30 minutes, non-stop.

:bronce:Mastered the Basics
Cleared over 50 missions in [Challenge] mode.

:plata:Mastered the...Master?
Cleared over 100 missions in [Challenge] mode.

:bronce:Just the Beginning
Defeated the boss at level 100 of the [Abyss].

:bronce:About Half Way
Defeated the boss at level 500 of the [Abyss].

:plata:Getting Down to Abyss-ness
Defeated the boss at level 999 of the [Abyss].

:oro:Abyssmal Shopaholic
Acquired all the items from the shop in [Abyss] mode.

:bronce:*Wheeze*...Just Getting Started
Increased all character stats to 50 in [Abyss] mode.

:bronce:Oh…NOW I Get It...!
Finished the Calamity Trigger scenario in [Story] mode.

:bronce:Breaking in the New Guys
Finished Makoto's, Valkenhayn's, Platinum and Relius's scenarios in [Story] mode.

:plata:To Be Continued…!
Witnessed the true ending in [Story] mode.

:bronce:Mind on my Money
Accumulated over 100,000P$.

:bronce:Artwork?! Gimmie!
Unlocked 50% of the items in the [Gallery].

:oro:Gallery Guru
Unlocked everything there is to see in the [Gallery].

:bronce:I See What You Did There
Played back replay data over 10 times in [Replay Theater].

:bronce:There's No "I" In Team
Won a team elimination match without even fighting.

:plata:Just Getting Used to it
Raised any character's PSR to over 200 in a [Ranked Match]

:bronce:Level 20
Reached level 20.

:bronce:I can't Stop Winning
Won three [Ranked Matches].

:bronce:Like a Boss
Fought 100 matches in [Ranked Match].

:bronce:Plays Well With Others
Fought ten team [Player Matches].

:bronce:Feels Like the First Time
Won your first team [Player Match].

:bronce:Finger on the Button
Defeated an opponent while using the Stylish Layout.

:bronce:Better Safe Than Sorry
Dished out significantly more damage than the opponent's remaining HP.

:bronce:Power of the Azure
Performed a 90+ hit combo using Ragna.

:bronce:Ice Ice Ice Baby
Used all three of Jin's special attacks that freeze opponents in a single combo.

Finished off an opponent with Noel's Nemesis Stabilizer.

:bronce:Shocking... Positively Shocking
Using Rachel, shocked your opponent more than 15 times during a single combo.

:plata:Don't Give A Kaka
Successfully executed jumping D, jumping ↑+D and jumping ↓+D in the middle of a combo.

:bronce:Tager? Don't Even Know Her!
Turned the tide and won a battle using Genesic Emerald Tager Buster.

:plata:Sharp Shooter
Hit the opponent with all of Litchi's Great Wheel attacks.

Summoned and used all of Arakune's bugs during a single combo.

:bronce:Just How I...*wheeze*...Planned
Using Bang, had Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan activated for more than 30 seconds of the battle.

:bronce:A Spectacle
Landed Carl's Vivace, Cantabile, and Allegreto during a combo.

:plata:Over 9000?!
Dealt over 10,000 damage to an opponent in a single combo.

:bronce:You've Been...Terminated
With Lambda, summoned every type of sword during a single round.

:bronce:Fight for Survival
Using Tsubaki, executed all of the "D" versions of her special attacks in a single combo.

:bronce:Fangs for the Memories!
Used Hazama's Rising, Falling and Devouring Fangs during a battle.

:plata:Threat Level...Escalated
During the course of one combo, placed all four of Mu's Stein's Gunners.

:bronce:Squirrel Power!
Executed Makoto's super, Particle Flare, with only Level 3 punches.

:bronce:Get Off My Lawn!
Performed a 30+ hit combo using Valkenhayn.

Equipped all of Luna's weapons during one round.

:bronce:Domestic Battery
Using Relius, fight a battle without depleting the Ignus gauge.

:bronce:Aaaaaand I'm Spent
Used up the Ignis gauge while fighting as Relius.

24/10/2012, 16:31
Esta lista es únicamente en ingles?

24/10/2012, 16:35
Esta lista es únicamente en ingles?

Si tio, he buscado y solo está en inglés.

Yo las listas las miro aquí: exophase (http://exophase.com/games/)

Y en spanish no hay.