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23/06/2011, 18:54
Lista de trofeos: You Don't Know Jack

:bronce: 25 :plata: 11 :oro: 3 :platino: 1

:platino: We Knew You Could Do It
Collect all trophies

:bronce: Birth Certificate
Create a Contestant

:bronce: It's Just More of This
Finish an episode

:bronce: Beast Master
Get 10 animal questions correct.

:bronce: Film In Your Brain
Get 10 movie questions correct.

:bronce: Phatty
Get 10 food questions correct.

:bronce: Living in the Past
Get 10 history questions correct.

:bronce: Mouth-Breather
Achieve the third highest rating

:bronce: 100,000aire!
Earn $100,000 lifetime

:bronce: DisOrDat Participation Award
Complete DisOrDat in 30 seconds.

:bronce: DisOrDat Destroyer
Answer all 7 DisOrDat items correctly

:bronce: Button Banger
Get a multiple choice question right in the first 2 seconds

:bronce: Smelt the Roses
Get a multiple choice question right in the last 1 second.

:bronce: Menage-a-Quatre
Play 4-player game online

:bronce: My First Time
Screw someone for the first time

:bronce: Enscrewsiast
Screw 50 times

:bronce: The Game's Half Full
Play Episodes 1-36

:bronce: The Game's Half Empty
Play Episodes 1-37

:bronce: Slack Attack
Get -$1 million on a Jack Attack.

:bronce: Lose to a Loser
Lose an online game to someone with a rating at or below Dullard.

:bronce: Always a Bridesmaid
Come in second place 5 times in online games

:bronce: Social Outcast
Finish 5 single player games on Friday or Saturday nights.

:bronce: Turncoat
Play on July 4th instead of celebrating America

:bronce: Quick-Draw McDumbass
Choose the wrong answer within the first 3 seconds 10 times.

:bronce: Overconsumer
Listen to all commercials after one episode

:bronce: Discovered Gauntlet of Fire
Find the very important gauntlet of fire

:plata: Vidiot Savant
Get every question right in an episode

:plata: One Teat Short of An Udder
Achieve the second highest rating.

:plata: 500,000aire!
Earn $500,000 lifetime

:plata: DisOrDash
Ace a DisOrDat in under 10 seconds

:plata: Jack Attack Dog
Get all 7 Jack Attack questions correct in a multiplayer game without messing up

:plata: Taking it from Behind
Come in from behind to win during the Jack Attack

:plata: Back Taxes
Win all prizes in Episodes 1-73

:plata: Virtual Virgin
Answer correctly after being screwed 5 times

:plata: Beat a Winner
Beat someone with a rating of Unicorn in an online game

:plata: Consolation Trophy
Play 5 hours without getting a single trophy.

:plata: Genius for a Day
Score at least $30,000 above your average.

:oro: Unicorn
Achieve the highest gamer rating.

:oro: 1,000,000aire!
Earn $1,000,000 lifetime points

:oro: Perfect Attendance
Play Episodes 1-73

:oculto::bronce: Great Crowd
Laugh at an easy joke.

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