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21/06/2011, 07:31
:platino: platino
Earn all other trophies.

:oro: Lucky Clip
Eliminate an entire enemy team using a single pistol clip in a non-reinsertion game.

:oro: Connoisseur
Unlock and then purchase all of the equipment in the game.

:oro: Mr. Popular
Play games with teammates from 50 real teams.

:oro: Paintball Legend
Complete all of the Speedball, Woodsball, and Recball events.

:oro: Greatest Paintballer in the World
Complete all of the Speedball, Woodsball, and Recball events on Hard difficulty.

:oro: Lawlessness
Successfully cheat five times in a row in the same round.

:plata: Paint Monger
Shoot 10,000 paintballs.

:plata: Unbreakable
Win a round without losing a teammate in a 5-on-5 or bigger match-up.

:plata: Lone Wolf
Win a 7-on-7 or higher non-reinsertion game where you eliminate all opponents.

:plata: Demolitionist
Eliminate three or more opponents with a single grenade.

:plata: Pump Assassin
Using a pump-gun, eliminate three or more opponents in a round without missing.

:plata: Goggler
Eliminate three opponents by shooting them in the goggles in a single round.

:plata: Speedball Champion
Complete all of the Speedball events.

:plata: Master Woodsman
Complete all of the Woodsball events.

:plata: Jack of All Trades
Complete all of the Recball events.

:plata: E'Ventual Evaporation
Eliminate three opponents in a single round with a completely fogged mask.

:plata: Tactical Overkill
Hit the opposing flag carrier with a rocket.

:bronce: Wiper
Successfully cheat once.

:bronce: Bottom Feeder
Win a round entirely from the prone position.

:bronce: Sharpshooter
Get three or more eliminations in a single round with a 25% hit percentage or higher.

:bronce: Bromance
Win a split-screen round without either player being eliminated.

:bronce: One Hit Wonder
Win a round with 3 or more eliminations using a marker without having to reload in a 5-on-5 or larger match.

:bronce: Olympian
Dive or slide 100 times.

:bronce: Go Ballistic
Eliminate an opponent you can't see by arcing your paintballs.

:bronce: Spy
Shoot an opponent in the back from their own side of the field.

:bronce: Cross Training
Win a Speedball and a Woodsball tournament.

:bronce: Team Captain
Win a round after issuing field commands to at least three teammates.

:bronce: Billboard
Win an event while using the jersey, pants and marker from the same manufacturer.

:bronce: Foam Cowboy
Win a round while wearing the 'Rodeo King' mask.