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15/06/2011, 20:43
LISTA DE TROFEOS: Cabela’s Big Hunter 2010

:bronce: 14 :plata: 7 :oro: 6 :platino: 1

NOTA: Esta juego no dispone de lista de trofeos en español

:platino: Platinum Trophy
Get all trophies

:oro:Welcome To The Order
Complete the game

:oro:I Love Gooold!
Get all Gold Medals in any level

:oro:A True Hunter's Sense
Complete any level without using Hunter Sense

:oro:Ultimate Hunter
Get all Gold Medals for all hunts

:oro:Ultimate Tracker
Collect at least 90 animal signs

:oro:It’s A Long Shot
Bag an animal from beyond 80 yards

:plata:One Shot, Two Kills
Shoot 2 animals with one shotgun shot

Perform 14 heart shots

:plata:Metal Deer Solid
Bag any deer from within 9 yards

:plata:Splinter Smell
Get within 6 yards of any animal without alerting it

:plata:William Tell
Hunt 30 animals with a crossbow

Hunt 30 animals with a muzzleloader

Hunt 30 animals with a pistol

:bronce:Easy As Falling Off A Log
Survive the log balance event

:bronce:I Walk The Line
Cross all the log balance events

:bronce:I Inmediately Regret This Decision
Escape the Bear pit

:bronce:Silent Hunter
Shoot any animal with a crossbow

:bronce:What Big Teeth You Have
Survive a predator hunt

Complete any objective without getting a medal

:bronce:Searching For Meaning
Used a scope 42 times

:bronce:What's This Button Do?
Press the L1 button 10 times

:bronce:Duck And Cover
Collect all the Cover Points in any hunt

:bronce:Bronze Beauty
Get your first Bronze Medal

:bronce:Cool Silver
Get your first Silver Medal

:bronce: Solid Gold
Get your first Gold Medal

:bronce:Goldilocks' Revenge
Bag all 4 bears in the game

:bronce:Wasically Wabbits
Shoot 20 rabbits