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21/09/2011, 01:09
Lista de trofeos: Elevator Action Deluxe

:bronce: 7 :plata: 4 :oro: 1

:bronce:The Rookie
You completed the tutorial.

:bronce:The Pankcake Maker
You crushed 10 enemies with elevators.

:bronce:The Bouncer
You hit 50 enemies with doors.

:bronce:The Shot in the Dark
You hit 30 enemies with lamps.

:bronce:Agent Bombastic
You blew up 100 enemies.

:bronce:Combo Master
You defeated 8 enemies at once.

:bronce:The Bully
You defeated 2000 enemies.

:plata:The Elite
You completed stage 10-5.

:plata:The Veteran
You completed stage 05-5.

:plata:The Intermediate
You completed stage 01-5.

:plata:Top Earned
You earned more than $2,000,000 in total rewards.

:oro:The Legend
You earned all gold medals.