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24/08/2011, 23:08
LISTA DE TROFEOS: Back to the Future - Episode 2: Get Tannen

:bronce: 07 :plata: 04 :oro: 01

Nota: El juego no dispone de lista de trofeos en español.

:oro:Kid Restraint
Defeat Kid Tannen.

:plata:Escape Artist
Find a hidden passageway.

:plata:Police Blotter
Dry a cop out.

:plata:Moll Mender
Get a gangster's girl to do the right thing.

:plata:Tannen Tamer
Defeat the Tannen Brothers in six jumps.

:bronce:A Minimum of Panic
Rescue Arthur with minimal fuss.

:bronce:Art Lover
Track down a missing accountant.

:bronce:Tuned Out
Enjoy a full set from Hill Valley's leading songstress.

:bronce:Door Prize
Break the password code without cheating.

Find "Chuckles Lenart".

Get a full explanation of your situation.