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10/06/2011, 13:48
LISTA DE TROFEOS: Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

:bronce: 42 :plata: 8 :oro: 2 :platino: 1

NOTA: Este juego no dispone de una lista en español

Obtain all of the trophies

:oro:Astrid's Ending
Watch Astrid's ending

:oro:Rich Ending
Watch the Rich ending

:plata:Pie Master's Ending
Watch the Pie Master's ending

:plata:Adventurer's Ending
Watch the Adventurer's ending

:plata:Monster Encyclopedia Complete
Completely fill up the Monster Encyclopedia

:plata:Hom Level 50 Achieved
Achieve level 50 with Hom

:plata:Town Reputation 100
Achieve a rating of 100% in town reputation

:plata:Everybody's Friendship 100
Achieve a rating of 100 in friendship with all friends and shop keepers

:plata:Battle Arena Champion
Win during the Battle Arena competition

:bronce:Kingdom's Commission 1
Complete the first Kingdom's Commission

:bronce:Kingdom's Commission 2
Complete the second Kingdom's Commission

:bronce:Kingdom's Commission 3
Complete the third Kingdom's Commission

:bronce:Kingdom's Commission 4
Complete the fourth Kingdom's Commission

:bronce:Kingdom's Commission 5
Complete the fifth Kingdom's Commission

:bronce:Kingdom's Commission 6
Complete the sixth Kingdom's Commission

:bronce:Kingdom's Commission 7
Complete the seventh Kingdom's Commission

:bronce:Kingdom's Commission 8
Complete the eighth Kingdom's Commission

:bronce:Kingdom's Commission 9
Complete the ninth Kingdom's Commission

:bronce:Kingdom's Commission 10
Complete the tenth Kingdom's Commission

:bronce:Kingdom's Commission 11
Complete the eleventh Kingdom's Commission

:bronce:Kingdom's Commissions Cleared
Complete the last Kingdom's Commission

:bronce:Rorona's Atelier
Watch the event where Rorona is put in change of Atelier

:bronce:Puppet Show's Curtain Raising
Watch the event where Lionela first appears

:bronce:The Bard Of The Forest
Watch the event where Tantoris first appears

:bronce:Phatom Of The Stuff Bear
Watch the event where Pamela first appears

Watch the event where peace is made with Cuderia

:bronce:Wound Of Honour
Watch the event where Sterkenburg is injured

:bronce:Very Busy Resturant
Watch the event where you help out at Yksel's resturant

:bronce:Girl And Puppets
Watch the event where Alana and Holoholo are cured

:bronce:Instrumental Duo
Watch the event where you play music together with Tantoris

:bronce:Sliced Down The Middle
Watch the event where Gio deals with a monster

:bronce:Hom And A Kitten
Watch the event with Hom and a cat

:bronce:Which Drunken Tiffina?
Watch the event where you get involved with a drunken Tiffina

:bronce:All together, To The Lake
Watch the event where everyone goes to the lake

:bronce:True Ending
Watch the true ending

:bronce:Cuderia's Ending
Watch Cuderia's ending

:bronce:Gio's Ending
Watch Gio's ending

:bronce:Good Ending
Watch the good ending

:bronce:Sterkenburg's Ending
Watch Sterkenburg's ending

:bronce:Yksel's Ending
Watch Yksel's ending

:bronce:Normal Ending
Watch the normal ending

:bronce:Lionela's Ending
Watch Lionela's ending

:bronce:Tantoris's Ending
Watch Tantoris's ending

:bronce:Bad Ending
Watch the bad ending

:bronce:Game Over
Watch the game over event

:bronce:Item Encyclopedia Complete
Completely fill up the Item Encyclopedia

:bronce:Adventure Level 50 Achieved
Achieve adveture level 50

:bronce:Alchemy Level 50 Achieved
Achieve alchemy level 50

:bronce:Cabbage Festival Champion
Win during the Cabbage Festival

:bronce:Dragon Killer
Defeat the Dragon

:bronce:Demon Hunter
Defeat the Demon

Defeat the Iron Golem