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20/07/2011, 22:28
LISTA DE TROFEOS: Hyperdimension Neptune

:bronce: 34 :plata: 8 :oro: 3 :platino: 1

:platino:The Master System
You've been diagnosed with Neptunia.

:oro:Speedy Hunter
Obtained S rank in all Time Challenges.

:oro:Histoire Enthusiast
Histoire Enthusiast.

:oro:The Real Arfoire Stands Up
Defeated Arfoire with the power of all CPUs combined.

:plata:Nepgagaga Complete!
Cleared the main scenario.

Been everywhere in Gamindustri.

:plata:Eternal Combo Champion
Reached 100 HIT with your original combo.

Helped a wounded ally during battle 20 times.

Switched with back-row members in battle 50 times.

:plata:Green Heart
CPU Green Heart joins the party.

:plata:Black Heart
CPU Black Heart joins the party.

:plata:White Heart
CPU White Heart joins the party.

:bronce:Neptune: Engage!
Started your journey in Gamindustri.

:bronce:Virtually Fighting
Created an original Combo.

:bronce:Item Making
You used your synthesized item during battle.

:bronce:Cracking the Wallet
Purchased something at the Shop.

:bronce:Actively Literate
Used Explore to advance the story.

:bronce:Medieval Fantasy
Arrived at Leanbox.

:bronce:Steam Punk
Arrived at Lastation.

Arrived at Lowee.

:bronce:Phutristic Phantasy
Returned to Planeptune.

Changed your accessory.

Changed your processor unit.

Changed your formation.

:bronce:Console Battle
Fought in battle as a CPU.

:bronce:Modest-Breasted Heroine
Nisa joined the party.

:bronce:Business-Savvy Alchemist
Gust joined the party.

:bronce:Chain Combo
Connected Combos using Combo Link.

:bronce:Nep-Nep Rocket
Destroyed an obstacle.

:bronce:Monster Huntress
Lured out a monster.

:bronce:Chest Stalker
Found a hidden treasure.

:bronce:The Quest is Underway
Had your firts battle on your new journey.

:bronce:The 8-bit Experience
Cleared the tutorial dungeon.

:bronce:Blind Ambush
Encountered IF.

:bronce:Neptune and the Seven Herbs
Neptune returns to the party.

:bronce:Leanbox Three-Six Key
Obtained the Key Fragment in Leanbox.

:bronce:It's Just a Tech Demo
But it was the best demo ever.

:bronce:Lastation Key
Obtained the Key Fragment in Lastation.

:bronce:Super Nep-Nep Galaxy
Defeated the monster in town.

:bronce:Lowee Key
Obtained the Key Fragment in Lowee.

:bronce:Data Recovery
Released Histoire's seal.

:bronce:Gamindustri's Greates Threat
The truth about Arfoire is revealed.

:bronce:Trinity Blade
Assembled the legendary weapon, Trinity Blade.

:bronce:Wisdom Bow
Assembled the legendary weapon, Wisdom Bow.

:bronce:Dual Revolver
Assembled the legendary weapon, Dual Revolver.

:bronce:Trust Spear
Assembled the legendary weapon, Trust Spear.